Coming soon: Our brewery at 719 Walnut Street in Yankton

We are happy to announce our expansion to a second brewing location with lots of room for growth. We will begin the first phases of work in November of 2020 at 719 Walnut Street, the former home of The Freeman Company. Below are some answers to common questions.

How big is the space?

The building is 28,500 square feet on about 2.5 acres.

What is phase 1?

Our first goal is to ramp up beer production with bigger tanks. We will spend the first days cutting up old concrete and preparing a new brew floor and we hope to move over several pieces of our existing brew setup when our federal licensing is approved.

How big will the new system be?

In the early stages we will utilize our 5BBL Brewhouse and fermenters we have used so far. We will begin double and triple-batching some of our biggest beer brands (West Side Park, Kenny Pepper, and Strawberry Blonde) and our goal is to purchase a new 15BBL steam-fired brewhouse with 15BBL and 30BBL fermenters.

Why is this necessary?

We have currently maximized every square foot of our existing 1880s building. We can't fit any more tanks in the space and we can't upsize our tanks to crank out more product. We are falling behind on purchase orders from our distributors and we want to make more beer! We also would love to use pallet jacks and forklifts to move ingredients and kegs, instead of moving everything up and down from a basement. We would love to add a canning line in the future and we don't physically have room for that now.

Can I have a beer at the new place?

After we get production up and going, our next goal is to make a taproom and patio. We are still working on different concepts of what this will look like and what hours we will be open.

Can I tour the new place?

We fully intend to offer regular tours.

What will happen to the old brewery?

We will be licensed at both our original location (222 W. 3rd Street) and the new location. Most of the beer production will be at the new location, but we will maintain a full brewery downtown and we intend to use it.

Will the downtown bar remain open?

YES! Downtown has been our home for 15 years and we have no plans of changing that. The bar will be open every day and not change other than moving a majority of our production to 719 Walnut St. 

Who occupied the building prior?

The Croll-Freeman Corporation was founded in Elk Point, South Dakota and initially sold and repaired radios and other electronic appliances. Croll-Freeman moved to Yankton in 1937 and was located at 307 Walnut (currently where Nohr Engineering is) and later across the street at 310 Walnut (currently home to Cheers). During WWII, The Freeman Company manufactured several items for the war effort, including a fuse assembly used in 500 pound bombs. They completed work on their new building at 719 Walnut Street in 1945. 

The Freeman Company is still going strong and manufactures several parts for the aerospace industry at their new location on East Highway 50 under the same roof as Applied Engineering.


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Working at Ben’s has lots of perks. Everybody here has their own favorite reason. We start everyone out with an competitive hourly wage and there are awesome tips. We have flexible scheduling. We offer benefits like retirement and health care to our full-time employees. We offer paid training, too.

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