Moving day, part 1

So our plan is to brew on a new 15bbl brew system with 15bbl and 30bbl fermenters. We have sized this first section of the brewery to fit fourteen 30bbl tanks (six times as big as we currently ferment with).

In the meantime we are moving our existing 5bbl system from the bar’s basement. We have 10 tanks down there and we were able to get five of them moved today before the bar opens. The Hot Liquor Tank and four more fermenters (currently full of beer) need to be moved. It’s funny how those tanks barely fit under the ceiling joists in the basement and how tiny they look in here. The biggest tank is a new 15bbl unitank and we will be able to double and triple batch for the first time. We’re ready to start building this business up. 🍻

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Ben's Brewing Co.

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Working at Ben’s has lots of perks. Everybody here has their own favorite reason. We start everyone out with an competitive hourly wage and there are awesome tips. We have flexible scheduling. We offer benefits like retirement and health care to our full-time employees. We offer paid training, too.

Should you wish to join our team, click here.

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